2 déc. 2010

Gendoc2 v1.2.0 is available

New version of Gendoc2 is available on the following update site : http://topcased-mm.gforge.enseeiht.fr/release/market-place/gendoc2/update-site/

It provides support for GMF models, EPF models.
A new tag for insertion of rich text content is also available and generations can now be launched in batch mode.

New and existing features are described inside the following tutorial :

Gendoc2 v1.2.0 is also available on Eclipse Marketplace

29 nov. 2010

TOPCASED Days, Program Available !

The program of TOPCASED Days is now available at this address :

The description of TOPCASED Days from Patrick FARAIL:
"TOPCASED (Toolkit in OPen-source for Critical Application and SystEms Development) is a modular, open-source, Eclipse-based software environment providing methods and tools for critical embedded systems development, ranging from system and architecture specifications to software and hardware implementation through equipment definition. TOPCASED promotes model-driven engineering and formal methods as key technologies. Find out more at www.topcased.org.

Share your experiences of the TOPCASED environment at the three-day TOPCASED Days conference, which is open to industry and research communities and is aimed at users of all levels including newcomers.
TOPCASED Days provides an opportunity to exchange views with other users, present your work, and learn more about TOPCASED capabilities. conference, which is open to industry and research communities and is aimed at users of all levels including newcomers.
  • Are you working in industry, using TOPCASED in pilot or commercial projects? Present a case-study of how it is used.
  • Are you creating development, training, support, packaging, or maintenance services around TOPCASED? Tell us about it, and hear how similar services are used.
  • Are you a teacher or researcher developing new technologies around TOPCASED? Share your successes and ideas.
  • Do you have ideas for enhancing TOPCASED? Discuss your ideas with future partners and collaborators.
  • Are you new to TOPCASED? Learn about its capabilities and how you can use it in your work or research.

TOPCASED experts will be present throughout the conference, giving overviews and tutorials about TOPCASED tools for newcomers, and providing feedback on the use of TOPCASED tools in both incubator and mature projects."

Concerning Gendoc2 it will be a great opportunity to show our work to TOPCASED/Eclipse community.

If you are interested in embedded software development/eclipse technologies or both I think you can be interested by this event at Toulouse the 2,3, and 4th february 2011. Of course I will be present, do you plan to come ?

17 nov. 2010

The Resource Selector Project

Dear all,

A small message to introduce the Resource Selector !

The Resource Selector is, originally, a tool that was done to fulfill a special user request: being able to display in the same Dialog Box, UML Types (from Eclipse UML Models) along with Types from the Java Classpath.

This tool has been used first in our home-made modelling applications (relying on EMF/GMF) to allow the usage of JAVA Types in UML Models, in a transparent way. Lately, we also used this component within TOPCASED, for the same purpose.

But now, this tool has been made more generic, to accept any kind of resources processing as input, and this newest generic implementation has been contributed to the EclipseLabs forge, in order to share this component.

Here is a screenshot of the tool. The screenshot corresponds to the "Getting Started Guide" document on the forge.

For more information, feel free to have a look at the Resource Selector page on the EclipseLabs forge, available at http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/resource-selector/

Short presentation

Dear all,

As this seems to be an habit, let me introduce myself too...

I am Maxence Vanbésien, software engineer at Atos Worldline, which is an Atos Origin company.

I work for more that four years now, on components relying on the Eclipse IDE.

I mostly use the Eclipse platform itself (core.resources, core.runtime, jdt.core...) and components such as:
- Modeling components (UML2, EMF, GMF...).
- Code parsing/generation components (XPand, XTend, AST...).
- Graphical interfacing in Eclipse (JFace & SWT).

16 nov. 2010

Papyrus Tutorial for Activity Diagram


Just a short message to tell everyone that a Papyrus tutorial is available for the Activity Diagram.

It is available on the Papyrus webpage :
Tutorials page.
Here is the direct link.

Here is a preview :

12 nov. 2010

Gendoc2 is in the place

Gendoc2 is now available in Eclipse Market.
It's now very easy to install Gendoc2 from an Eclipse RCP.
From an Eclipse Helios Modeling, go to the Eclipse Market Place:

Search Gendoc2:

And it's okay you can install it !
You can choose to install Gendoc2 without TOPCASED.
If you want to install TOPCASED and use its different Modelers (UML/SysML/AADL...) please fill in these update sites before in your install configuration :


Gendoc2 is an opensource solution that allows you to insert in OpenOffice or Docx document, content from EMF datasources (Models or XMLs)

The leitmotiv of Gendoc2 is What You Write in your document Is What You will Get in the generated one (WYWIWYG).

Example for this code :

After generation :

As we can see the style (Heading) of the generated text is the same as the style used for the code.

Gendoc2 offers a lot of possibility to generate Images, tables, bullets etc... For more details about gendoc2 I recommend you to read the gendoc2 tutorials available at these addresses :
Gendoc2 Tutorial
Gendoc2 Developer Tutorial

Embedded tutorial:

1 juil. 2010

Short Presentation

I am Emilien Perico, software engineer at Atos Origin, working for 3 years with Eclipse platform and modeling technologies such as UML2, GEF and GMF and model transformation tools.

I am a committer on TOPCASED project, has been in charge of the platform build and packaging. I also worked on projects about UML editors, tests generation and document generation.

I am now a committer on the Eclipse MDT Papyrus project, working on use case diagram, collaborative work and profile diagram capabilities.

Short Presentation


I am Thibault Landré, a software engineer at Atos Origin. I am working on Eclipse, mainly on modeling.

I am currently commiter on the MDT Papyrus project and TOPCASED Platform

Short presentation

I'm Tristan FAURE, Iam a software engineer at Atos Origin. Working for 3 years with Eclipse Technology and modelling (EMF, UML,...).
I am also an EMF, OCL and ATL consultant.

Commiter for MDT Papyrus, Doc2model and EMF Search eclipse project, I am also a Commiter and technical manager for TOPCASED open source project, I made also training about TOPCASED platform for international Atos Origin teams.

Short presentation

I am Vincent Hémery.
I have worked on Papyrus, mainly on the Activity diagram, and on the Sequence diagram.

28 juin 2010

Gendoc 2 overview


Gendoc 2 is the new TOPCASED Document generation tool.
From a document template in ODT or DOCX format, containing generation scripts (Acceleo scripts for now) and referencing EMF models, it is possible to generate full ODT or DOCX documents, containing styles and information taken from models.

Overview of the document generation process

Download and usage

Gendoc2 will be available on TOPCASED 4.0 .
Version 1.0.2 of Gendoc2 is already available on gForge as an additional Eclipse feature : http://gforge.enseeiht.fr/frs/?group_id=102.

Videos and tutorials describing install, usage and advanced functionalities can be found on http://gforge.enseeiht.fr/docman/?group_id=102#, under "Gendoc2" section.

First message

This blog is aimed at presenting the different Eclipse Technologies developed by or contributed by Atos Origin (MDT Papyrus, TOPCASED, Eclipse Doc2Model...).

We hope this blog will allow you to learn more about our different tools in order that we receive a better feedback from the community.

Eclipse Development Team