2 déc. 2010

Gendoc2 v1.2.0 is available

New version of Gendoc2 is available on the following update site : http://topcased-mm.gforge.enseeiht.fr/release/market-place/gendoc2/update-site/

It provides support for GMF models, EPF models.
A new tag for insertion of rich text content is also available and generations can now be launched in batch mode.

New and existing features are described inside the following tutorial :

Gendoc2 v1.2.0 is also available on Eclipse Marketplace

2 commentaires:

  1. This looks really nice!

    Is there any limitation about the Topcased & GMF diagram export feature while running in batch mode?

  2. Hi !
    We don't have found limitations in batch mode.
    Don't hesitate to post if you have feedbacks or remarks !