28 juin 2010

Gendoc 2 overview


Gendoc 2 is the new TOPCASED Document generation tool.
From a document template in ODT or DOCX format, containing generation scripts (Acceleo scripts for now) and referencing EMF models, it is possible to generate full ODT or DOCX documents, containing styles and information taken from models.

Overview of the document generation process

Download and usage

Gendoc2 will be available on TOPCASED 4.0 .
Version 1.0.2 of Gendoc2 is already available on gForge as an additional Eclipse feature : http://gforge.enseeiht.fr/frs/?group_id=102.

Videos and tutorials describing install, usage and advanced functionalities can be found on http://gforge.enseeiht.fr/docman/?group_id=102#, under "Gendoc2" section.

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