13 juil. 2012

Frama-C Development Tooling (FCDT) plug-in V1.2 Release

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the new release of the Frama-C Development Tooling (FCDT) plug-in version v 1.2.
The FCDT plug-in permits developers to use the static analysis tools provided by Frama-C from directly within the Eclipse framework.

This release, compatible with Eclipse Indigo and Frama-C Nitrogen, includes:
  • Bug #4063 (makefile in subdir) 
  • Improvement of ACSL editor in C code 
  • New Preferences (for Codan launching mode) Setting page with dynamic update with Frama-C features (linux only) 
  • Frama-C configuration (for Codan launching mode) in project properties

It is available on:


Best regards


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