6 avr. 2012

TOPCASED 5.2.0 available

 TOPCASED 5.2.0 is now available. It is based on the Eclipse 3.7.2 platform (Indigo).
TOPCASED has been release this is the official mail sent to the community:
"Dear TOPCASED users,

TOPCASED 5.2.0 is now available. It is based on the latest Eclipse 3.7 SR2 platform (Indigo) and requires a JRE 1.6.

You can download the RCP version, features and the release note at the following link :
Since we are having troubles building it, the MacOSX RCP version is not available yet, but it should be shortly.

TOPCASED 5.2.0 is packaged in an installer : after downloading and double clicking on the .jar file, you can follow the steps.

You can also install TOPCASED 5.2.0 from the update-site by importing this bookmarks file in the update sites preferences :
All tutorials will be available on “Documents” section of TOPCASED.org site shortly, but you can already get them all during installation.

Best regards,

The TOPCASED team"

As usual I will introduce some of the new features in this version:
  • Analyze and Repair Function
This new feature allows the user to apply operations on its model to "fix" it.

After selecting the operations to apply the list of impacted element is displayed and the operation is performed
  • Open referencing diagrams
It is possible to open all diagrams or tables displaying the selected element

  • Implicit navigation from properties
It is now possible to navigate (via double click) from typed Elements (property, pins, parameters) to the diagram displaying its type
  • Todo notes
If the user creates a TOPCASED project or configures its project to use the todo note builder, it is possible to use the Tasks view to display "notes" contained in the model's comments.
The user can configure a comment prefix tag used for the analysis :
After the configuration is done every comment starting with this tag will be recognized by the tool and displayed in the Tasks view. This is very useful for Model Review
  • Configuration files for import document
If you use the document importer for requirement management it is now possible to save the configuration to share it and reuse it in the update using the save mapping button in the last page of the import wizard 

  • There are also some new features in Gendoc2 which will be described in a future post

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