3 août 2011

TOPCASED 5.0.0 available

TOPCASED 5.0.0 is now available.
It is based on the latest Eclipse 3.7 platform (Indigo), and it is the first official TOPCASED version containing MDT Papyrus. For this integration all the TOPCASED components have been adapted to support MDT Papyrus, it is now possible with MDT Papyrus to :

  • generate documentation
  • create Requirement traceability
  • create Scripts for MDT Papyrus models

You can download the RCP version, features and the release note at the following link :

Windows, Linux and Mac OS versions are available

You can also install TOPCASED 5.0.0 from the update-site :

You can find more information on the official TOPCASED website :
A new section "Indicators" has been created to show statistics on some components.

  • Users support:
    Help is available through the 'Help > Help Contents' menu of TOPCASED.
    However if you have any questions, you can get support through the TOPCASED Users mailing list: topcased-users@lists.gforge.enseeiht.fr
    To be able to use the mailing-list, don't forget to subscribe to it, first.
  • Developers support:
    You may find information on the dedicated developers page of the TOPCASED official website.
    If you have any questions, you can also use the TOPCASED developers mailing list and sending your questions to: topcased-devel@lists.gforge.enseeiht.fr
  • Report a bug:
    To report a bug against TOPCASED, create a new entry on our bug tracker.
    You need to be logged on the site to be able to create an entry.
  • Ask for a new feature
    To ask for a new feature on TOPCASED, create a new entry on our feature tracker.
    You need to be logged on the site to be able to create an entry.
  • TOPCASED Contact
    TOPCASED is a collaborative project: if you are interested in helping in some aspects of our technical roadmap (or in extending it), you may contact us at topcased-contact@list.gforge.enseeiht.fr
    Your participation is welcome.

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