16 juin 2011

Gendoc2 : New attribute to simplify debug

Why adding new ID attribute?

With next version of Gendoc2 (TOPCASED 5.0.0, July 2011), you can add an “Id” into each gendoc tags as an attribute.

It identifies the tag in the document, and allows tracing an error on the tag where it is declared in order to makes debugging easier. It captures most of the errors that can occur in a script. The ID can trace the following errors:

  • Incomplete tags
  • Script error
  • Image not executed
  • Configuration error

How to use ids?

The ID is used by writing the keywordid” that assigns a string (of course between simple quotes) like this: <gendoc id='my id' >...</gendoc>
If during generation an error is found in one tag, its id will appear in the details of the warning message. Here are some screenshots to explain this:

The resulting error message allows to identify exactly which tag is in error:

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